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Test Your Business English Skills

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You have done everything. Every week, you practice English, read business blogs, study new words…but it still feels like you are not making enough progress.

Do you know this feeling?

If you feel like you are not moving forward in your English language learning, you are not alone. The “language learning plateau” is a common problem for learners. Especially, learners with an intermediate English level experience this.

The language learning plateau

I know this can be frustrating, but don’t give up!

Most of the time it just feels like you are not making progress, even if you are improving.

How can you keep making progress while learning English?

Remember that this feeling is completely normal. Learning business English is difficult. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and plan for the future.

You can continue to make progress and become fluent in English.

How? By challenging yourself and setting small goals.

I will show you three steps that will help you when you feel like you have stopped improving your English.

Step 1: Test your skills

As a learner, it is useful to test and assess your skills every once in a while.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you want to continue to make progress in English, you have to challenge yourself.

A fun way to do this is by taking a quiz or test. Tests and quizzes can be fun and motivating.

Do one or more of the tests below:

  1. Business Letter Writing Tests
  2. Job Interview Test
  3. English Abbreviations for Business Test
  4. Business Travel Test
  5. Finance and Money Test
  6. General Business English Tests

Step 2: Find your strengths and weaknesses

Tests are a great way to find gaps in your English skills and knowledge.

They give you an idea of what English skills you are already good at and what you should work on.

For example, when you look at the results of the test, you might find that you don’t know how to write a formal letter in English yet.

After you completed a quiz, write down what you know well and what you need to improve.

business english quiz

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Step 3: Set (small) goals

After you found out your weaknesses, how do you overcome them?

Set small goals based on what you still need to learn.

These goals should be specific, so you are more likely to achieve these small goals.

Here are some examples:

  • Write a formal letter and get feedback from a tutor.
  • Make vocabulary flashcards and memorize 20 business abbreviations.
  • Read two articles about finance in English. Highlight and define 10 new words.

Business English Tests

Now you can start by taking some quizzes. I picked these 12 interesting tests for you as a business English learner:

1. Business Letter Writing Tests

Basic business letter writing quiz

Test your advanced business writing skills

By taking these tests, you can find out how well you know formal business writing. You will also see if you know useful phrases for business letters, emails, and more. Also, how much do you know about important formatting for business writing? Find out!

Do you want to improve your business writing skills in English? These articles might help:

improve business english skills

2. Job Interview Test

English job interview words quiz

English job interview questions quiz

These tests are about key words used in English-speaking job interviews.

The first quiz is about words you need to know for job interviews. In the second quiz, you will find questions you might be asked in an interview.

If you master these words in English, you will be better prepared for your next job interview in English.

Do you need to improve your job interview skills in English? Try these:

Checking information in Business English

3. English Abbreviations for Business Test

Test how many English abbreviations you know

“a/c”, “VAT”, “n/a”… In business situations, people often use short forms in English, mostly to shorten common words and phrases in emails and chats. As an English learner, hearing these short versions can be confusing, but it’s important to know them. Do you know what these important business English abbreviations mean?

Do you need to learn more business abbreviations in English? Take a look at these vocabulary lists:

english tests for business

4. Business Travel Test

Test your knowledge about Business Trip Words

Doing Business in China Quiz

Test your knowledge of global business etiquette

How much do you know about business customs in China?

Are you ready for your next business trip abroad?

Do you know how to greet business people in India?

These quizzes will tell you how much you know about global business.

Do you want to learn more about global business and business travel? These articles might help:    

Apps for business trips

5. Finance and Money Test

English money expressions quiz

Test your knowledge of financial English

Words and expressions related to money and finance are commonly used in business. Even if you are not interested in finance, you will certainly have to deal with financial English words at some point in your career. How many of these important English words and phrases for finance do you know?

Are you interested in financial English? Learn English for finance:

  • Mosalingua Business English has a great method of teaching you useful phrases for financial English. They have a great section on financial English phrases and you sure won’t forget the words if you use their method.
  • In addition, I can also recommend this textbook and audio CD: English for the Financial Sector

expense apps for business travelers

6. General Business English Test

Test your Business English

Business English collocations

The test by Cambridge English analyzes your business reading skills and vocabulary in English. After taking the quiz, you will see your result and level of Business English right away.

The second test is about collocations, words that are frequently used together, in business. How many of them do you know?

Do you want to improve your business English? Start with some useful business English vocabulary:

Learn Business English Vocabulary

Test your Business English skills

How did you do?

Take one of the tests and let us know how it went.

  • What did you do well?
  • What can you still improve?

Let me know in the comments below!


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