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Business English Vocabulary – pitch

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Pitching is common in any type of company, but especially in start-ups.

Being able to pitch is an excellent skill to have as a professional, because it can make you more successful. Like giving a speech, knowing how to make a pitch it is both challenging and rewarding.

meaning of pitch in English

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But what is the meaning of pitch in English?

Let’s find out what today’s English word ‘pitch’ means and how you can use it in business situations.

Video: Making a Pitch

Watch the video below. Answer the question: What is Ana trying to do?

A) Asking for information about lemons

B) Applying for a new job

C) Giving a convincing presentation

Is it A, B, or C?


What is the meaning of pitch in English?

When you pitch something, you give a short, convincing presentation to get a contract or other business.

A pitch is a speech that tries to persuade someone to buy or accept something you offer.

In the video above, Ana was trying to give a convincing presentation (option C was the correct answer).

Read these example sentences. What is the meaning of ‘pitch’ in each of these sentences?

  • Ana was unable to make an effective pitch to the company.  
  • Investors liked the pitch and agreed to invest in the start-up.
  • The sales pitch was very convincing, so they placed a large order.

Nowadays, pitches are is often used to get investors for a start-up or project. Another example of a pitch is a sales pitch that a salesperson uses to convince someone to buy, do, or use something.

business english pitch

Definition of ‘pitch’

How to pronounce the word pitch in English


You pronounce the word ‘pitch’ with a short /ɪ/ sound.

Listen to the pronunciation of these examples and repeat the words yourself.


Listen to the pronunciation of pitch:


Listen to the pronunciation of elevator pitch:


Listen to the pronunciation of sales pitch:

English word pitch

What type of word is pitch?

You can use the word ‘pitch’ as both a verb and a noun.

The word ‘pitch’ as a verb: Some companies are actively pitching for business.

The word ‘pitch’ as a noun: She delivered a very strong sales pitch this morning.

‘Pitch’ as a verb: How to use the word pitch in business

Let’s look at some ideas to use word ‘pitch’ as a verb, with and without an object.

The verb does not need an object following the verb, but you can use it with an object to specify what you are pitching.


1) If you use the verb without an object, you can use it in the following ways:

to pitch for sth

The agency had already pitched for the advertising account before.

Some companies are actively pitching for business.

  • to pitch for (new) business
  • to pitch for clients
  • to pitch for an account
  • to pitch for funding

PITCH Business English Vocabulary

2) If you use it with an object, here are some ideas to say you pitch something:

Young entrepreneurs are pitching their ideas to investors.

She was given 8 minutes to pitch her idea for the new project to her boss.

  • to pitch an idea (to someone)
  • to pitch yourself to someone
  • to pitch a story


‘Pitch’ as a noun: How to use the word pitch in business

You can also use the English word ‘pitch’ as a noun.

She delivered a very strong sales pitch this morning.

Here are some adjectives you can use to describe the noun ‘pitch’:

  • an effective pitch
  • a strong pitch
  • an aggressive pitch
  • a good pitch

what does pitch mean

When you talk about a pitch, you can use these verbs together with the noun:

  • make a pitch
  • deliver a pitch
  • give a pitch
  • create a pitch
  • do a pitch

If you want to know more about pitches, here are two common types that you can talk about with the noun ‘pitch’:

elevator pitch

sales pitch

Study the new word

As you know, you can only learn a new word effectively by repeating it often.

To help you remember the new English word, I have created flashcards for you.

You can practice and then test yourself by using the fun study modes on Quizlet for free:

Learn the new vocabulary on Quizlet

Let’s practice

Now I would like to hear from you:

  • Have you ever delivered a pitch?
  • What is 1 piece of advice you can give to English learners who have to make a pitch?

Let us know in the comments below!

Happy learning!

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