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Business English Vocabulary – Launch

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In order to be fluent in any language, you need to know enough vocabulary. When it comes to English for business and management, it is important to learn new Business English vocabulary, because it helps you say exactly what you mean.


However, having a list of the most important words is overwhelming. How can you study tens or hundreds of words when you are a busy professional?


English vocabulary
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The key is to learn the vocabulary by introducing the words one by one or in sets and repeat them frequently. To help you to expand your vocabulary, I have started this Word of the Week category for Business English.


Every Wednesday, I will choose one important word, phrase or term that is useful for international communication. Over time, I hope this will increase your Business English vocabulary one word at a time.


As a bonus, at the end of the post, there are flashcards and other tools to study the new words right away! This way it will be easier to memorize the vocabulary. Give it a try!


English words


I will explain the important features of the word or phrase and how you can use it in speaking and writing English:
    • What it means
    • How it is formed
    • How you pronounce it
    • How you can use it


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To kick off this category, our Word of the Week is the useful English word launch, which can be both a verb and a noun.


What does “launch” mean?

Example 1
We are launching our new business this year.
      • We are starting a new business.
      • We are beginning something new, such as a business.
      • Synonym: to begin, to start
Example 2
The secret to a successful product launch is planning. 
      • It is important to plan well for the introduction of a new product to the market.
      • If you offer, announce or sell something, such as a new product, for the first time, you need to plan well.
See more examples in the Learner’s Dictionary

What type of word is “launch”?

As you can see in the example sentences above, the word “launch” is both a noun and a verb:


Noun: a (product/business/brand/career/etc.) launch
The secret to a successful product launch is planning.


Verb: to launch (a product/company/career/website/campaign/etc.)
We are launching our new business this year.


How do you pronounce “launch”?

The pronunciation in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is:
You can visit this interactive phonemic chart if you are not sure about a sound:
Notice that you open your mouth and form a long vowel.
To practice pronunciation, try these free tools:


How can you use “launch”?

Here are some words you can use together with “launch”:
      • a company
      • a career
      • a website
      • a product
      • a campaign
      • a brand
      • a service
      • a program

How to study new vocabulary

To help you study the new words, I have created these flashcards. Below you can study the flashcards, practice spelling and take quizzes to memorize the new words:


Call To Action

Think about ways to use this word. Write one sentence with the word launch and share it by commenting below!
Happy learning!


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