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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Business English

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Are you wondering about the reasons why you should learn Business English? Here are seven excellent reasons.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Future of Work

How will we work in 20 years?

Research gives us an idea about which forces will change the way we work:

  • Increased business automation: Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and machine learning
  • More flexible work options, including freelancing and remote work
  • A rise in virtual communication
  • Less focus on job roles, more focus on skills

However, many trends come and go. The truth is, we don’t know what the future of work will look like exactly.

Which skill will likely stay in demand? English communication skills.

What Are the Reasons Why You Should Learn Business English?

reasons why you should learn Business English
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In a survey by Kaplan, 98% of people think learning a language can help their career.

And they are right. Learning a language means more opportunities. But English, especially, is a good choice.

Professionals worldwide use Business English for international communication.

Four main areas require business English skills:

  1. compelling communication
  2. effective collaboration
  3. efficient operations
  4. strategic clarity

Therefore, Business English skills will help you with your career.

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Why You Should Learn Business English: Learning English Can Help Your Career

But when we are learning English for work, it often feels like we are behind.

Learning a language is hard. It is often frustrating.

Yet, everyone makes mistakes. Even native speakers often make mistakes.

You are brave for making the effort to learn a new language.

business english

Learning Business English might be the most important thing you can do for your career.

How can you learn English successfully? Find an enjoyable process that works for you.

What are the reasons why should you learn Business English? Here are seven excellent reasons for continuing on this English learning journey.

1) English Is the Lingua Franca of Business

English is currently the most useful language. It is the international language.

Additionally, within companies, English is more and more chosen as the common language.

More and more companies worldwide are using English as their official language.

Some companies hire employees specifically for their language skills

As careers become increasingly globalized, knowing a foreign language can present many new opportunities, make professionals more competitive, and advance careers.

meetings business English

English is the language of global business because of global competitive pressure, the global increase in outsourcing, remote work, and increasing collaboration between companies worldwide.

Wherever you go, English will be useful.

It doesn’t matter whether you make mistakes. Everybody will make mistakes. What is important is that you can communicate in today’s increasingly connected world.

2) Learning English Helps You Build Valuable Relationships

Did you know that 1/4 of the world population knows at least some English?

“The fastest-spreading language in human history, English is spoken at a useful level by some 1.75 billion people worldwide.”

– Harvard Business Review: Global Business Speaks English

English is the most connected language in the world.

If you know English, you will meet people and create connections with people all over the world.

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3) English Helps You Do Your Job Better

Business English skills

Not only are English skills useful for business connections, they also help you do your daily tasks better.

In fact, surprisingly, employers worldwide say that reading skills in English are most valuable.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • How do I write a correct email to my colleague or business partner abroad?
  • What do I say when I talk on the phone with an important client?
  • I would love to understand this book about Design Thinking, but I really don’t.
  • How can I give a presentation at the next industry event?
  • I don’t really understand what my colleagues said in the project meeting.

Business English skills help you with any task that involves reading, writing, speaking, or listening.

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4) English Gives You Access to Knowledge

English is the #1 language in business, research, and technology.

Therefore, if you want to learn anything new, you will find information in English.

English will help you understand and learn new information.

English - English writing

Learning new skills is an important part of your personal and professional development.

Languages, especially English, give you access to knowledge and education.

You can read books in English to learn something new or find free information on the Internet.

Whatever you want to learn, language – especially English – is your key to unlock knowledge.

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5) Business English Is Necessary for Cross-Cultural Communication

Business English is used by native and non-native English speakers around the world.

Better English skills make teamwork more effective. English writing and speaking skills improve communication with co-workers and clients from other countries.

Therefore, English skills make it easier to include more people with different backgrounds.

However, it’s not just the language skills that are relevant. In addition to language skills, we also need to develop a global mindset.

Among countries and regions, there are vast cultural differences. These differences range from different tastes to labor laws and customs.

This is what we call global competence or business etiquette.

Whether you work with people in Costa Rica or Pakistan, these rules and behaviors vary dramatically.

  • How do you say hello and greet people in different countries?
  • What is a formal meeting like in Japan?
  • Is small talk essential in Germany?
  • Do you call business partners by their first name or surname in Spain?

Hence, when we do business internationally, we need to know these business customs.

Business meeting 2

“Leaders with a strong stock of Global Mindset know about cultures and political and economic systems in other countries and understand how their global industry works. They are passionate about diversity and are willing to push themselves, [they are] comfortable with being uncomfortable in uncomfortable environments, [they are] also better able to build trusting relationships with people who are different from them by showing respect and empathy and by being good listeners.”

– Mansour Javidan, Bringing the Bringing the Global Mindset to Leadership, Harvard Business Review

Learning Business English helps you deal effectively with clients, business partners, network, and colleagues with different cultural backgrounds.

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6) Business English Skills Will Bring You New Opportunities and Innovation

Languages bring opportunities.

You will probably learn something new, meet new people, travel, or simply go to unknown places because of your English skills.

As a result, you will come up with new ideas.

Given that English is the most published language on the Internet, you can access all this information and use it for innovation.

New ideas are valuable for companies – to produce knowledge, direction, and innovation.

innovation business English

Your English skills might help you solve a problem.

Maybe you will come out with a new technology, product, or process within or outside of the company.

Who knows what opportunities are waiting for you.

7) You Will Advance Your Career With Business English Skills

Business English skills might lead to financial benefits, as well.

Did you know that if you speak a second or third language you can earn 5-20% more on average than monolinguals?

learn English vocabulary

To be a global leader, you need to have good English skills.

You can take on new tasks and responsibilities:

  • talk to more clients
  • visit business partners in foreign countries
  • take a class to get a certificate
  • expand the business

If you own or manage a business, your English skills will help your firm perform better in more countries.

The possibilities are endless.

Consequently, you might earn more and advance your career.

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Conclusion: Learning Business English Is Worth the Effort

think through - -business english phrasal verbs

So, what are the reasons why should you learn Business English?

Most international firms use English as a common language.

But Business English includes global competence, as well. Cross-cultural communication prepares professionals for success in a globalized world.

To summarize, you have many good reasons why you should learn Business English.

Your English skills will bring you more opportunities and connections.

English helps you in all aspects of business:

  • communicate
  • collaborate
  • operate
  • learn
  • innovate

Happy learning!

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