The Story Behind Globify

Globify is an international language consultancy that helps global entrepreneurs realize their potential in the global economy and build successful businesses by learning Business English for international communication.


All over the world businesses use English to communicate. It is the “Lingua Franca”, the language of communication between people from different countries. Globify is here to make learning English for Business interesting and effective. Are you asking yourself:

  • How can I become fluent and confident in English?
  • How can I achieve success in my career and business?
  • What’s the best way to learn when I’m so busy?
  • How come I can understand most written English, but cannot speak and write with confidence?
  • How can I learn to understand business partners, colleagues and customers better?
  • Which tools, books and courses are good to learn English?

You are in the right place! I created Globify to help you reach your goals in global business and in life by developing Business English skills.Speaking English opens new doors to opportunities in business and in life.A new job. Growth opportunities for your business. Travel experiences. Connecting with people worldwide. New ideas for your business. A new perspective of the world. I want you to learn the skills needed for working and communicating internationally to build a network and achieve success:

  • Global business knowledge
  • English and international communication skills
  • A global mindset

On Globify, I’m teaching you exactly how to do it.


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