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About Julia


I’m Julia, and I help professionals like you achieve success by speaking English fluently and confidently.
I learned how the English language is used in a business context. I am fascinated by English as a global language. I hope to share my passion for international communication with you here at Globify.
When I started learning English it was difficult to connect with people. But as I grew, amazing opportunities for my life and my career opened up. Things like having a global network and speaking in front of people.
Knowing how to communicate in English can open doors like that for you, too.
J Hevecke Globify

Julia Hevecke - BBA, MSc, CELTA

Your English Trainer

Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

MSc Business Administration (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

International Business & Languages (Bachelor of Business Administration)

My Story

English has always had a significant influence in my life and that is why I founded Globify. In my own life, communicating in English has brought me many valuable experiences and opportunities. 
I have lived the United States and in many countries in Latin America and Europe. 
Through English as a global language I have been able to meet many inspiring people, who have become friends and partners and who I continue to learn from.
I wish for you to get to know people from all over the world and build meaningful relationships globally. You can have a thriving global network that will bring you success in your career, in the global economy and in life. 
I know what it’s like to have that passion to connect with people, but to be confused about how to do it.
But along the way I have learned 6 languages and have learned a lot about the world and many useful techniques on how to effectively learn languages. I will be happy to share them with you!
I believe that you can achieve succcess in life. You have talent.
It will be an honor for me to guide you through this learning journey and help you achieve your professional and personal goals.
Starting with my Language Library you can learn Business English with free learning resources: