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Business English Vocabulary – USP

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Have you ever asked yourself what makes your online marketing effective?

Today’s vocabulary for business is all about the key to successful online marketing.

Video: How to advertise effectively online

Watch the following video. Answer the question: According to the video, what do you need to make your Google Ads effective?

In case you didn’t know, Google Adwords is a service that lets you advertise your offers to web users online.

What is the meaning of USP in English?

The product’s USP should be central throughout the marketing campaign.

You must come up with a USP for your product.

The USP of this airline is its increased comfort.

The English word USP is the abbreviation for ‘unique selling proposition’.

It’s a feature or characteristic that makes your product different. Your product’s USP is the reason it’s better than that of the competition.

Definition of USP

How to pronounce the word USP in English


The word is an abbreviation, so you pronounce the letters separately. Don’t forget to link the letters when speaking.

We stress the last syllable.

Listen to the correct pronunciation and repeat it by yourself by clicking on the speaker icon below:

What type of word is USP?

The word USP is an abbreviation and it is a noun. You can form the plural by adding an -s:  USPs.

meaning of USP in English

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Learn the new word

It’s easy to forget a new word. To help you memorize the new English vocabulary, I have created flashcards for you. You can practice the spelling, pronunciation, and memorize the meaning of the English word USP here:

Study the new word on Quizlet

Let’s practice

What is the USP of your business’s product or service?

Write 1-2 sentences about your USP and share your thoughts in the comments below! I look forward to an interesting discussion.

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Happy learning!

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