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Business English Vocabulary – niche

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According to some experts, this is one of the secrets to success in entrepreneurship:

Finding a profitable niche.

Not sure how to find a niche for your company? You should know these good niche ideas for your business:

5 niche audiences you’re missing out on

meaning of niche in English for business

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What is the meaning of niche in English?

A niche is a small, targeted group of customers. It’s a small market segment with a specialized need for a particular kind of product or service.

Here’s the definition of ‘niche’ from the Entrepreneur Encyclopedia:

“A portion of a market that you’ve identified as having some special characteristic and that’s worth marketing to.”


Entrepreneur Encyclopedia

Advanced reading:

The “niche to win” strategy for startups

How do you pronounce ‘niche’ correctly?

There are two ways to pronounce the word ‘niche’:

  • /nɪtʃ/

If you pronounce ‘niche’ this way, note that the vowel sound is short.

  • /niːʃ/

In this second way of pronouncing the same word, you pronounce ‘niche’ with a long vowel sound.

I have heard professionals say both pronunciations, but I personally use the second option.

Click on the speaker icon in the flashcards to hear one way to pronounce ‘niche’ correctly (/nɪtʃ/):

What type of word is ‘niche’?

The English word ‘niche’ can be used as both a noun AND an adjective.

niche word of the week Globify

How do you use the word ‘niche’ in business?

This word is used quite frequently in business, especially in entrepreneurship.

‘Niche’ as an adjective:

  • niche market
  • niche marketing
  • niche player
  • niche product
  • niche business

‘Niche’ as a noun:

  • find a niche
  • identify a niche
  • serve a niche
  • target a niche


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I would love to know from you: Which niche market is your business targeting?

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