What is the meaning of target in English

Business English Vocabulary – Target

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In business, knowing your goals and objectives is vital. 

To achieve our goals, we need to know which results we want. 

Similarly, to do meaningful work, we have to be clear about who our business is aiming at. 

That’s why this week’s business English vocabulary is so useful.

How to reach your target audience

meaning of target in English

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Read the following excerpt from the article ‘Do You Really Know Who Your Target Customer Is?’

Answer the question: Why is it so important to have a target customer?

“Identifying your target customer can be difficult, especially since that target customer may change as you learn and grow in your business. If your business has been up and running for a while but you’re not getting the sales you want, taking a second look and refining your ideal customer profile can be an effective way to better target your marketing efforts and reach more people. Knowing your ideal customer is one of the most important steps in getting any business successfully off the ground — and keeping it flying high.”

Source: Inc. Magazine

What is the meaning of target in English?

target business English vocabulary

A target is something that you want to achieve. It’s an objective or result which an organization or group works towards.

Synonyms: aim, goal

Definition of ‘target’

How can you use the word ‘target’ in business?

The word ‘target’ is a noun.

In business, the word ‘target’ is used in many situations to describe what you want to achieve, how and when you want to achieve it.  

Here are some common collocations with target you can use at work:

  • target market/audience/users/customers
  • to set a target
  • sales/performance target
  • to be on target
  • a target date/level/price
  • to hit/meet/reach a target

what does target mean

target market/audience/users/customers

He identified his target audience and has ambitious growth plans for his consulting business.

Meaning: The group of people that a programme, product, or service is aimed at.  


to set a target

Last month, my team and I set our targets for next year.  

Meaning: To decide what your goal is


sales/performance target

The manager gave her team the details of performance targets for the quarter.

Meaning: A sales objective for a period, how much the company/department intends to sell


to be on target (+ to do sth)
We’re on target to finish the project in November.

Meaning: You are likely to achieve what you planned at the time you intended


a target date/level/price

The company plans to finish the project by the new target date of May 1st.

Meaning: The time at which you plan on achieving your goal


to hit/meet/reach a target

The Dutch economy is on track to meet its growth targets.

Meaning: To achieve the result you wanted

How to pronounce ‘target’


The word target has two syllables. We stress the first one, which is also a long syllable.

Click on the audios below to listen to the correct pronunciation of ‘target’, ‘target market’, and ‘target price’.

target market

target price

How to memorize the new vocabulary

As you know, you can only learn a new word effectively by repeating it often. To help you remember the new vocabulary, I have created flashcards for you.

You can practice and then test yourself by switching between the different ‘study modes’ on Quizlet for free:  

Study the new vocabulary on Quizlet

Let’s practice

Now, I would like to hear from you. Finish this sentence:

My target customer is…

Answer the questions in this article to help you identify your ideal customer:

Do you know who your target customer is?

Share your sentence in the comments below.

Happy learning!

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