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10 Important English Abbreviations for Business Communication

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Do you find it hard to understand colleagues in English? In business situations, customers and colleagues often use short forms in English you may not know yet. By learning some important English abbreviations for business you will understand your colleagues and customers better.

What are abbreviations?

An abbreviation is a shorter form of a common word or phrase.
In English, you use abbreviations in speaking and in writing. However, they are mostly used in informal writing to shorten common words and phrases in emails and chats.
You can use abbreviations to make writing emails and instant messages shorter and more concise. Using abbreviations can save you time and people will still understand what you mean because they are common words and phrases for business.

English abbreviations you need to know for business

Below, I will explain 10 important English abbreviations for business communication purposes:
  1. FYI
Abbreviation for the phrase “for your information”
You can use this English abbreviation for business emails to inform someone about something important.
  1. ASAP
Abbreviation for the phrase “as soon as possible”
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  1. N/A
Abbreviation for “not available”, used to say that something is not available at the moment
(This can also be the abbreviation for “not applicable”, used to show that a question, message, etc. does not apply to your situation.)
  1. FAQ
Abbreviation for “frequently asked questions”
It is a collection of questions many people ask about a website, product or service, with the answers to these common questions.
write English abbreviations for business
  1. BTW
Abbreviation for “by the way”
You can use “BTW” in emails and chats to add a comment, information, or a question.
  1. PM
PM stands for “private message”
It is used in (group) chats to say that you are sending a message directly to a person.
  1. e.g.
Abbreviation for “exempligratia” (Latin phrase, meaning “for example”)
It is used to give an example for a statement. You pronounce it as “e.g.” or “for example”.
  1. a/c
Abbreviation for “account”
You often use it in writing and in the context of finance and banking.
Business English abbreviations
  1. VAT
Abbreviation for “value-added tax”, a tax on goods and services
  1. CC 
‘CC’ stands for “copy to” and is an abbreviation for “carbon copy”. You use it in emails to say that you are sending a copy to another person via email.

Let’s practice the English abbreviations for business

Which of these English abbreviations for business is new for you? Write a sentence in the comments below with 1 or 2 of the new words.
Happy learning!
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