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Use These 20 English Words Instead of “Very” in Business

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In English, you can sound convincing, interesting, and smart by using more precise English words instead of very.

How to use the word “very”

“Very” is a great word in English. The word “very” is an intensifying modifier. You can use it to give the adjective or adverb a stronger meaning.
For example, by saying “a very short meeting” instead of “a short meeting”, you stress that the meeting is short. Adding “very” gives an emphasis to the adjective or adverb you use to describe a noun, such as a person, a situation, an action, or an object.

Using “very” can be vague

“Very” is a very good word. However, using the word “very” can be vague, because “very” is often placed in front of a more common word, such as “good”, “necessary”, “interesting” or “important.”
For example, when speaking or writing, using “essential” is more precise and convincing than “very necessary”. Instead of saying “very important“, say “crucial.”
Try to use more descriptive English words instead of very to sound smarter and more convincing in English.

Using “very” can be repetitive and boring

In addition, if you use the word “very” too much, it makes your writing and speaking seem boring and repetitive. Saying “It is very simple and also very special” can sound boring.
Avoid repeating “very” and try saying “basic” instead of “very simple” and “exceptional” instead of “very special.” Similarly, don’t say “very good” all the time. Say “excellent” instead.
Use a variety of English words instead of very to sound more interesting in English.

Replace “very” with more convincing words

Avoid using 2 words (“very + adjective/adverb“) to describe something. It is better to use 1 word that has the same meaning but is more precise and descriptive.
For example, you can replace “very accurate” by saying “exact.” Instead of saying “very clear“, say “obvious.
Don’t repeat yourself by using “very” too much. Have a look at this infographic by Proofreadingservices
This useful infographic presents 128 words instead of saying very you can use in English:
English words instead of very
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Use these English words instead of very in business

Here are 20 useful English words instead of “very” you can use in business situations:
  1. excellent = very good
  2. exact = very accurate
  3. obvious = very clear
  4. cutthroat = very competitive
  5. comprehensive = very complete
  6. innovative = very creative
  7. meticulous = very detailed
  8. costly = very expensive
  9. swamped = very busy
  10. crucial = very important
  11. captivating = very interesting
  12. essential = very necessary
  13. frequently = very often
  14. compelling = very powerful
  15. rapid = very quick
  16. grave = very serious
  17. brief = very short
  18. basic = very simple
  19. intelligent = very smart
  20. exceptional = very special


Study the new vocabulary

To help you study the new vocabulary, I created these flashcards. Using Quizlet, you can study the flashcards to memorize the new words:


Let’s practice 

Which of the 128 words can you use at work? Choose 1 of the words and write a sentence in the comments below!
I look forward to reading your sentences!
Happy learning!
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