Business English writing tools

16 Great Tools to Improve Your Business English Writing

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Business English Writing Tools

Writing is more than just putting words on paper. English writing is one of the four language skills we need to learn as language learners. It’s a big part of everyone’s English language competence.

We write every day in business. You probably write emails, letters, social media posts, and chat messages.

Unlike speaking, you can see what you produced. You also make different mistakes in writing than in speaking. For example, punctuation and spelling are important.

On the plus side, writing gives you the opportunity to take the time to improve your text.

improve English business writing

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Writing in English: Practice makes perfect

Here’s some not-so-secret advice about writing: Try to do it badly at first.

Nobody writes perfectly on the first try. (Okay, maybe professional writers with decades of experience do.)

When it comes to writing, editing is crucial.

Whether you write a marketing letter, your thesis, or an application, you need to write a bad first version to make it better. You need a base to improve.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you write in English!

Improve your English writing with technology

Luckily, there are more and more amazing business English writing tools that rescue your writing.

After you wrote your bad first draft, you can check and improve your text with one of these useful business English writing tools and apps.

These business English writing tools help you write better.

Business English writing tools

better business writing

Business English writing tools to correct your mistakes

Online grammar checkers and proofreaders are extremely helpful business English writing tools to correct your mistakes in English.

Grammarly App

Grammarly is a useful grammar checker that corrects your English writing. Professionals worldwide use Grammarly to check their emails and other important documents. I especially like their browser add-on to correct everything I write online.

Devices: Browser add-on, MS Word and Outlook integration, Desktop apps for Mac and Windows, Keyboard apps for Android and iOs

Price: Free version premium starting at $12/month


This business English writing tool is a reliable online proofreader for any writer. It offers you a complete writing environment to focus. The proofreader performs thousands of checks on your writing, mainly regarding style and not grammar.

Device: Web

Price: Free

Business English writing tools to give you feedback

Apart from spelling and grammar, some business English writing tools give you more detailed feedback on your text, for example on the vocabulary and the general style you used.

business writing in English

Hemingway App

As you know, simple writing is key. This business English writing tool highlights long, complex sentences and common errors in your writing. Hemingway lets you simplify the words, and improve the readability and format of your text to make your writing more effective and clear.

Devices: Desktop App, Web

Price: Free


This editing tool is your online “writing coach”. It gives you feedback on your writing in many useful ways. ProWritingAid combines a lot of features that help you edit your writing: word suggestions, spelling, grammar checking, style, repeats, and many more.

This app’s many integrations are great and make it easy to use!

Devices: Mac and Windows desktop apps, integrations for Google Docs, Word, Scrivener, and Chrome

Price: Free version with a word limit, premium version from $50/year

Write and Improve

With this free tool developed by English teachers from Cambridge English, you can submit your written work and receive feedback immediately. You will receive feedback on your spelling, vocabulary, grammar and general style.

Device: Web

Price: Free

Writing tools to find the right words in English

easier business English writing


A challenging part of writing is to change up your vocabulary. It’s best to avoid repeating words like ‘good’ or ‘very’ too much. Instead, a thesaurus helps you to find different words that have a similar meaning. These words are called synonyms. This free tool lets you find synonyms to express what you want to say. It is available on many devices, so you can use it anywhere!

Devices: Browser add-on for Chrome, web, iOS app, Android app

Price: Free


This tool is really helpful for non-native English professionals and writers. It gives you feedback on your text by checking your writing in a database of correct language. You can find synonyms, definitions, pronunciations, translations, and the context for the words you choose. Writefull can be used in any writing tool, e.g. Gmail or Word.

Devices: Chrome browser add-on, Desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Price: Free

Collocation Dictionary

Writing has the advantage that you have time to find the right words. Do you ever wonder: With which verb does the word “marketing” go together?

Collocation dictionaries are super helpful business English writing tools to find out which words to use together.

Ozdic Collocation Dictionary

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

Fun writing environment tools

free business English tools

Instead of simply writing on a word document, there are lots of fun ways you can create a writing project. Sometimes it’s nice to practice in a different virtual “environment”. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to try out some business English writing tools to write in. Some are inspiring, some let you focus.


This is a tool that makes it easier for you to concentrate. It keeps your mind from distractions to let you put your thoughts into words. There are different sound and background options that you can try.

Devices: Mobile, Mac or Windows apps

Price: No set price, you decide ($7 minimum)


FocusWriter is another simple, distraction-free writing environment so that you can immerse yourself in your writing. You can choose a theme, set daily goals and a timer. This simple tool also shows you statistics and includes a spellchecker.

Devices: Mac, Linux or Windows apps

Price: No set price, you decide


This application lets you easily create and share stories with photos, videos, and text. It looks great and is a fun way to practice writing stories on your phone.

Devices: Android and iOS mobile apps

Price: Free

Day One

This beautiful app is a journal that makes it easy to quickly enter your thoughts and memories. Day One is inspiring, well designed, and extremely focused to encourage you to write more.

Devices: Mac Desktop app, Mobile app for iOS and Android

Price: Free basic version with limitations, premium version for $35/year

The Most Dangerous Writing App

This is the tool for you if you really need to focus. You start writing and are not allowed to stop until the time is over. If you have trouble focusing and need to produce a written text (especially a bad first draft), I encourage you to try this!

Device: Web

Price: Free

Bonus: Writing tools to practice writing in English

write in english for business

Practice makes perfect, they say.

Because writing is a skill, you need practice, so you will get better at writing in English over time.

In my experience, writing about anything is good practice. To practice writing in English, you don’t have to practice business writing only.

A great way to practice writing is through writing prompts, which give you a topic to write about.

Whenever you want to get some English writing practice, try these business English writing tools. They’re some of my favorites, and they make your writing practice so exciting.

It’s a good idea to plan a practice writing session once per week.

ProWritingAid Writing Prompts

Practice writing using writing prompts. This resource gives you ideas for topics to write about. You can get creative and write about what the website suggests to you.

Write About

This tool is meant for the classroom. It’s a writing community and publishing platform built by teachers. But even if you want to practice by yourself, the board gives you great ideas to write about and be creative.

Telescopic Text

Wow! This “expanding hypertext narrative” is such a fun tool. When you start the exercise, you can see how writing in English works and where you can expand and improve any text. Click on the words in the sentence and give it a try! Then, click on “write” and write your own!

Now over to you

What is one thing you struggle with when writing in English? Which business English writing tool can you use to help you improve it?

Tell us by commenting below!

Have fun writing!

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