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Business English Vocabulary – tweak

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Improve business performance with tweaks

Running a business is hard. Luckily, tweaks can help.

In his book “The $100 Startup”, the author Chris Guillebeau explains the importance of tweaks in business:

“The not-so-secret to improving income in an existing business is through tweaks: small changes that create a big impact. If a product typically has a 1.5 percent conversion rate and you increase the rate to 1.75 percent, the difference adds up to a lot of money as time goes on. If a business normally attracts four new customers a day and begins attracting five, the impact is tremendous.”

“If you grow your traffic a little and also increase your conversion rate a little while also increasing the average sales price a little … your business grows a lot.”

“… a series of small, regular actions is all it takes for many businesses to go from zero to hero in a short period of time. These actions are called tweaks.”

The $100 Startup

What is the meaning of tweak in English?

Tweaking something is about changing something to make it better. You make small changes in your business to improve systems, products, and technology.

Synonyms: to adjust, to make small changes

Definition of tweak

business English vocabulary - tweak

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How to pronounce tweak correctly in English


You pronounce the word ‘tweak’ with a long vowel sound of the /iː/.

Listen to the correct pronunciation and repeat it by yourself by clicking on the speaker icon below:

How to use the word tweak in business

The English word ‘tweak’ can be used as a verb and a noun.


Verb: to tweak something

The verb tweak is a regular verb.

Past simple: tweaked

Past participle: tweaked

  • We have tweaked things a little since the product launch.
  • Joanna tweaked a few things and came back to me to talk me through the changes she’d made.
  • No project approved under the new system is yet finished, and the process is still being tweaked.

If you use it as a verb, you need to include an object: What is being tweaked?

meaning of tweak in English

Noun: a tweak

  • Yes, the technology is still in need of some tweaks and adjustments, but nothing is perfect straight from prototype.
  • How much room do we have to make tweaks and adjustments to the marketing plan?

tweak meaning English

‘Tweak’ is an informal word. In business, this word is especially useful when you talk about


The word ‘tweak’ is often used with these collocations in business English:

  • tweak something
  • make tweaks (to something)
  • in need of tweaks

Memorize the new word

It’s easy to forget a new word. To help you memorize the meaning of tweak in English, I have created flashcards for you. You can practice the spelling, pronunciation, and memorize the meaning of tweak in English here:

Learn the new word on Quizlet

Let’s practice

Now I would like to hear from you: What is one thing you can tweak in your business today?

Share your tweaks in the comments below!

Happy learning!


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