Business English Vocabulary – pitch

meaning of the word pitch

Pitching is common in any type of company, but especially in start-ups. Being able to pitch is an excellent skill to have as a professional, because it can make you more successful. Like giving a speech, knowing how to make a pitch it is both challenging and rewarding. But what is the meaning of pitch in English? Let’s find out what today’s English word ‘pitch’ means and how you can use it in business situations. Video: Making a Pitch Watch the video below. Answer the question: What is Ana trying to do? A) Asking for information about lemons B) Applying…

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Business English Vocabulary – multitask

meaning of multitasking in English

Is multitasking good or bad? It’s hard to prioritize your daily tasks. Some say multitasking helps you get more done with your full to-do list. Others say it kills your productivity. This excerpt from an article in Inc. Magazine explains the problem with multitasking: “To actually eliminate multitasking you are going to have to learn to say “no” quite a lot. Multitasking is a symptom of the desire to accomplish everything at once. However, a lack of focus is the enemy of strategy. As Sun Tzu famously stated, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy…

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