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Business English Vocabulary – End User

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Learn some new business English vocabulary and read about the use, pronunciation, and meaning of end user in English for business.

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Article: Creativity and company performance

How important is creativity for business success?

A study found that 82 percent of companies believe that creativity and business results are strongly related.

Read this text about the influence of creativity on company performance.

Can you guess what the term ‘end user’ means?

“Creativity is essential in fields like marketing and design, but a little bit of unconventional thinking can go a long way in just about every aspect of business. Creativity is often a key differentiator in the success of a company’s individual departments and internal strategies, said Mike Mansbach, president of BlueJeans Network, a videoconferencing service.

“Not only does creative thinking produce … winning sales and marketing campaigns that increase brand appeal to the end user, but [it] can also help foster a unique company culture that ultimately reflects and encourages creativity within each department,” Mansbach told Business News Daily.”

Sources: Business News Daily Adobe and Forrester Consulting

What is the meaning of end user in English?

business English end user

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The end user of a product is the person who actually uses that product or service.

It can be a person or an organization who buys and uses your product or service.

Synonyms of ‘end user’: purchaser, buyer, customer, shopper

Meaning of end user in the dictionary

How to pronounce end user correctly in English

/ˈend ˌjuː.zɚ/

Listen to the pronunciation:

When you pronounce this term, the stress is on the first word ‘end’. The two words are linked and there is no pause between them. Still, the /j/ sound in ‘user’ is pronounced.

Note that the first syllable in ‘user’ is long.

How to use end user in business

The term ‘end user’ is used as a noun.

  • Let’s talk to end users to find out what they are looking for.
  • We want to offer the best service to maximize our end users’ satisfaction.

meaning of end user

You can use the term ‘end user’ in the singular or plural form.

  • The software has to suit the needs of the end user.
  • I design my products according to the needs of end users.

end user - business English vocabulary

‘End user’ is often used when talking about software or apps.

  • The software has to suit the needs of our end users.
  • We target end users of computer software.

Preposition: end user of sth

Study the new vocabulary

Business English vocabulary - end user

As you know, you can only learn new vocabulary by repeating it often.

To help you remember the new English term ‘end user’, I have created flashcards for you.

You can practice and then test yourself by using the fun study modes on Quizlet for free:

Study the new vocabulary on Quizlet

Let’s practice

Now I would like to hear from you: Why is it important to know your end user?

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Happy learning!


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