Business English Vocabulary – AGILE

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How do you use the English word agile in business? Learn the meaning of agile and how to use it at work.

Do you sometimes look for the right words in meetings, emails or presentations? The key is to learn new business English vocabulary one by one and repeat them often.

How to remember new business words in English

To help you to expand your vocabulary, I will introduce a new English phrase or word that is useful in business.

Today’s business word is agile. Let’s find out what the meaning of today’s English word agile is and how you can use it in business situations.

How to Grow Your Startup

Do you want to grow your startup or business?

Think about this: What makes startups special?

  • flexibility
  • a flow of communication
  • the ability to innovate
  • taking risks
  • openness to change?

Probably all of these.

Is it possible to keep these characteristics when a startup grows?

business English vocabulary agile
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If you have ever worked in a company or a startup, you probably know that it’s a challenge to…

How can you grow your startup and keep it flexible and innovative?

It’s a challenge to grow a startup and not turn it into a corporate environment.

Big corporations often have strict rules, no risk-taking, no innovation, a lack of communication, are not open to change, and so on.

As your startup grows, you want to maintain the characteristic that made it a startup in the first place.

Do you think this is possible?

In this article in Entrepreneur Magazine, the author describes the challenge of growing a startup while keeping it agile:

“Small startups are nimble and quick, and unlike big, established corporations, startups don’t have a set culture or legacy systems to deal with. But […] staying small isn’t in the game plan. The same things that set startups apart from big corporations, and in turn make them successful, are some of the first things to go as a business grows. But, just as bigger running backs called “power backs” still get the job done, startup businesses can still remain agile and flexible while growing in size.“

6 Ways to Keep Your Startup Agile While Growing

What is the Meaning of Agile in English?

A person, team, system or a company can be agile. When someone or something is agile, it can deal with new situations or changes quickly and successfully.

An agile company is able to adapt quickly and easily.

Most agile companies have a flexible management. They can quickly respond to changes and opportunities.

organizational agility
Business English vocabulary - meaning of agile

The English word agile is an adjective. The noun is agility.

You might hear sentences like these:

  • Agile approaches can be successful in almost every kind of team.
  • I am looking for some software to manage web projects in an agile and collaborative way.
  • In a perfect world an agile team collaborates, interacts, discusses and reviews almost everything they do.
  • Software developers use an agile methodology to bring flexibility to their development process.
  • An agile team should definitely be able to deliver software by a certain date.

How to Pronounce Agile Correctly in English


The stress is on the first syllable and the last letter, the ‘e’, is silent.

Listen to the correct pronunciation and repeat the word by yourself:

How to Use the Word Agile in Business

meaning of the word agile

The adjective agile is often used when talking about developing software, but it’s also used in other business environment.

You may talk about an agile…

  • company/corporation/organization/team
  • approach
  • development
  • marketing
  • leader

Study the New Vocabulary

I know it can be hard to remember new words.

Use this system to remember Business English words

To help you memorize new English vocabulary, I created flashcards for you. You can practice the spelling, pronunciation, and memorize the meaning of the English word agile here:

Study the new vocabulary on Quizlet

Let’s Practice

Now I would like to hear from you:

Would you try an agile approach? Why (not)?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Happy learning!

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