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Business English Vocabulary – FEATURE

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Learn the meaning of feature in English for business.

Do you sometimes look for the right words in meetings, emails or presentations? The key is to learn new Business English vocabulary one by one and repeat them often.

How to remember new business words in English

To help you to expand your vocabulary, I will introduce a new English phrase or word that is useful in business.

Imagine your company is launching a great new product. Your boss asked you to present the new product to a group of clients and you have to make a pitch. What an exciting opportunity!

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Meaning of pitch

To sell your product, you need to convince everyone that this is the best product on the market.

During the pitch someone may ask you: What are the key features of this product?

Video: Presenting a New Product

Watch this short video and see how you can present a new product. Answer the question: What are the product’s features?

So, what is the meaning of feature in English?

Let’s find out what today’s English word feature means and how you can use it in business situations.

What is the Meaning of Feature in English?

When you present a new product, you have to tell clients that they really need the product. You have to explain why they need the product.

The one question you have to answer is: What makes this product special?

A feature is something that makes a product different, and usually better, than similar products.

It is a special characteristic of a product, and it leads to benefits for the user.

Business English Vocabulary - meaning of feature
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In the video lesson, the product had these features:

  • high quality
  • made of plastic
  • it’s tough and durable
  • good design

You could say…

  • The new product has all the features of existing models, plus added extras.
  • High quality is the key feature of all our products.
  • The product is made of plastic, plus added features – it’s tough and durable.
  • A distinguishing feature of our product is the plastic.
  • Another major benefit lies in its design features.

How to Pronounce Feature Correctly in English


Listen to the pronunciation:

Now, repeat the word. The first syllable is stressed and long.

How to Use the Word Feature in Business

The English word feature is a noun.

meaning of feature English

In business, you can use feature in combination with other words. Here are a few combinations that are often used:

  • important feature
  • characteristic feature
  • innovative feature
  • new feature
  • distinctive feature
  • distinguishing feature
  • key feature
  • added feature
  • additional feature
  • safety feature
  • common feature
  • essential feature
  • special feature
  • unique feature

Study the new vocabulary

I know it can be hard to remember new words.

Use this system to remember Business English words

To help you memorize new English vocabulary, I created flashcards for you. You can practice the spelling, pronunciation, and memorize the meaning of the English word feature here:

Study the new vocabulary on Quizlet

Let’s practice

Now I would like to hear from you:

Think about your favorite product. What is its key feature?

Share some innovative features in the comments below!

Happy learning!

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