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How to Write a Professional LinkedIn Recommendation in English

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This article shows you how to write a convincing and professional LinkedIn recommendation in English in 6 steps.

“We expect more from technology and less from each other.”

― Sherry Turkle, author Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

Most of my friends live all over the world. My best friend currently lives in Melbourne. Other friends of mine live in Barcelona, London, and several in the USA.

We now have many cheap, fast, and easy digital options for connecting. But sometimes it’s hard to have real connections over the Internet.

write professional recommendations in English
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Language is a tool to connect people. 

At work, we use English to collaborate and build relationships with people from all over the world – co-workers, clients, and other people. 

You can use your English skills to write recommendations for other people.

Why You Should Write a LinkedIn Recommendation in English

Have you ever received an invitation from an old co-worker, manager, or client to write a recommendation?

On LinkedIn, you can review somebody else’s work, work style, and experience. Other professional social networks also have this feature.

Meaning of FEATURE

LinkedIn recommendations give you “social proof.” A real person gives their opinion on why someone should work with you and talks about their experience working with you. 

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation in English is a great opportunity:

  • to get a review to your profile and improve your CV, 
  • but also to give back to people you’ve worked with and build good relationships with current or past co-workers.

Isn’t it nice to help someone you’ve worked with?

But where do you start if you want to write a LinkedIn recommendation in English?

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Writing LinkedIn Recommendations in English is Difficult

While I believe professional testimonials and recommendations are valuable tools, I was not a fan of writing them.

A former colleague asked me to give a professional recommendation on LinkedIn in English. 

At first, I was overwhelmed. 

Luckily, I had a great experience working with this person. She was kind and I had good memories. 

Still, it was a daunting task. 

I knew the text should be short. But writing a short text is often more difficult than writing a long report. 

I also wasn’t sure how formal it needed to be and I was afraid of writing something inappropriate.

It also needed to sound natural and not overly positive.

So, I sat down and started writing.

How to Write a Professional LinkedIn Recommendation in 6 Steps

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After some research of best practices and some experimentation, I came up with some advice on how to write a good and convincing recommendation for a professional. 

I hope you can put my tips to use to build good relationships.

Here is an example of a professional recommendation:

I had the pleasure of working with Alexandra as a financial analyst for five years. I have known her as a talented woman who delivers exceptionally thorough work. She has a positive personality and the ability to lighten up tense situations. I was particularly impressed by Alexandra’s proactive, can-do attitude. Alexandra is very pleasant to work with and without doubt would be an asset to any team.

1. Keep It Short

When it comes to writing, a short paragraph is often more difficult to write than a long text. 

It’s difficult to give a clear and convincing description that is not too long. 

But think about the reader. It’s worth making the effort to write a short text because it is much easier for the reader to understand.

When you write a LinkedIn recommendation, try to keep it short. I suggest you write around 5 sentences.

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2. Use Convincing Adjectives and Verbs

Think of convincing adjectives instead of empty words or “buzzwords.” 

Before you start writing, it can help to make a list of positive, convincing adjectives that describe the person. 

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Here are some examples of positive adjectives and verbs: 


  • stellar
  • standout
  • talented
  • proactive
  • adaptive
  • dedicated


  • excel
  • deliver (exceptionally) thorough work
  • juggle
  • lighten up

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3. Focus on the Relationship

Describe your professional relationship with the person. 

Where, when, and how did you work together? How does the person work in a team?


I had the pleasure of working with Alexandra as a marketing assistant for two years. 

Alexandra and I worked together on a large-scale project for three years. 

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4. Briefly Describe the Relationship

Now, use the positive adjectives and verbs listed before to describe the person’s personality. 

You can also mention a personal aspect of working with him/her.


She has a positive personality and the ability to lighten up tense situations.

Alexandra brings a lot of positive energy to the team, even in tense situations.

Her proactive, can-do attitude will be missed.

5. Highlight One Asset or Achievement

Think of one trait that makes the person different. You can explain a personal aspect of the person or a particular situation that impressed you.

What is this person good at? 

Can he or she handle multiple projects at the same time? 

Is he or she really good at communicating with angry clients or solving difficult problems? 

How has the person improved? 

What has he or she contributed to the team, company, or project?


I was particularly impressed by Alexandra’s proactive, can-do attitude. 

Alexandra’s biggest strength is her ability to convince other people.

I was always in awe of Alexandra’s ability to persuade others.

6. Make it Clear that You Recommend the Person

After all the positive comments, be sure to end with a sentence making it clear that you are recommending the person.


Alexandra is very pleasant to work with and without doubt would be an asset to any team.

Any company would be lucky to have Alexandra as a Project Manager. A true team player! 

Alexandra’s professionalism, creativity, and optimism would be a true asset to any company.

I highly recommend Alexandra if you need the best designer.

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Write a LinkedIn Recommendation in English: Free Template

Here is a template you can use to start writing your recommendation. You can adapt it to your needs and also use the other example sentences in this article.

I had the pleasure of working with … (name) as a … (job position) for … (time).

… (name) brings a lot of … (positive attribute) to the team. 

I was particularly impressed by his/her ability to … (describe achievement).

… (name) is very pleasant to work with and without doubt would be an asset to any team. I highly recommend … (name) if you need the best … (job title).

Conclusion: Write a Professional Recommendation

business writing in English
  1. Keep it short.
  2. Use convincing adjectives and verbs.
  3. Focus on the professional relationship.
  4. Briefly describe the personality.
  5. Highlight one asset, achievement, or contribution. 
  6. State that you recommend the person.

Happy writing!

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