hustle meaning english

Business English Vocabulary – hustle

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Good things happen to those who hustle.

I am currently reading this brilliant book about how to build a successful ‘micro-business’:

The $100 Startup

One of the most interesting concepts in this book is about hustling. I realized that I have been hearing this word a lot lately when talking about entrepreneurship and success. But what does hustle mean in English?

I will explain the important features of the word ‘hustle’ and how you can use it when speaking and writing in English:

  • What it means
  • How it is formed
  • The correct pronunciation
  • How you can use it in business

What does hustle mean?

Watch this video explaining what ‘hustle’ means in entrepreneurship.

Hustling means working hard and doing your best to achieve success. When you hustle, you are busy and work with a lot of energy all the time.

hustle meaning english

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In the book ‘The $ 100 Startup”, the author writes:

“A charlatan is all talk, with nothing to back up their claims. A martyr is all action with plenty of good work to talk about, but remains unable or unwilling to do the talking. A hustler represents the ideal combination: work and talk fused together.”

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Word structure of hustle

The English word ‘hustle’ can be a verb or a noun.

verb noun (activity) noun (person)
to hustle hustle hustler

hustle English vocabulary

How to pronounce hustle


The word ‘hustle’ has two syllables, you stress the first syllable. Note that the letters ‘e’ and the ‘t’ are not pronounced.

Click on the speaker icon on the flashcards below to hear the correct pronunciation:

How to use the word hustle

You only say ‘hustling’ in informal situations when talking to people you know well. It is an informal expression.  

hustle meaning english

Example sentences:

  • Come on, guys, let’s hustle!
  • He brings a lot of spirit and hustle to the team.
  • You have to be in the right place at the right time and hustle every day.

Study the new vocabulary

To help you study the new word, I have created these free flashcards. Here, you can study the flashcards, practice spelling and take quizzes to memorize the new word:

Memorize the new vocabulary on Quizlet

Let’s practice

Describe your ideal workday using the verb or noun form of ‘hustle’ and share it in the comments below!

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