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Business English Vocabulary – best practice

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This week’s English expression is useful to discuss ways to achieve good results at work.

Imagine this scenario: Next week, you have a job interview with a large company.

You want to give your best and need to prepare for it. How do you know what to prepare? How do you find out what is important in a job interview?

Video: Best Practice

Watch this video on how to prepare for an interview. Can you identify the 7 best practices mentioned in the video?

Video: Job interview preparation 


Meaning of Best Practice

So, what does best practice mean in English?

Best practice is a working method or technique that has worked well in the past to achieve success. It is officially accepted as being the best way to do something in a business or industry. Best practices can be one or several commercial or professional procedures that deliver good results.

best-practice-business english

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How to pronounce ‘best practice’

/ˌbest ˈpræk.tɪs/

The term best practice consists of two words and three syllables. The stress is on the first syllable of ‘practice’.

Click on the speaker icon in the flashcards below to listen to and repeat the correct pronunciation:

Form and use of the term ‘best practice’

The English term best practice functions as a noun that consists of two words.

Here are some example sentences using the term best practice:

  • to identify best practices

The company identified best practices that have led to more successful recruitment.

  • to follow best practices

This innovation follows the international best practices that I suggested.

  • to apply best practices

Successful companies are applying the same best practices, creating a win-win environment.

  • to adopt best practices
  • best practices in sth

Many employers want to adopt best practice in management, but do not know what this is.

You can find more example sentences here: ‘Best practice’ definition

best practice meaning

Memorize the new vocabulary

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Advanced reading: Niche marketing best practice

Remember our last Word of the Week ‘niche’?

Business English vocabulary – niche

Now, you can combine what you’ve learned and apply the ‘best practice’ concept to a ‘niche’. Read this article to learn about best practice in niche marketing:

Niche marketing best practice

Let’s practice

What are 3 best practices in your job? Share them in the comments below! I look forward to reading your comment!

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