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The Best Reading Resources for Business English Learners

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“To read is to empower,

To empower is to write,

To write is to influence,

To influence is to change,

To change is to live.”

― Jane Evershed

Business English Reading Resources

We read to get more knowledge.

Reading is important to anyone’s success in business. Books and articles give you new ideas, teach you new skills, and improve your writing and speaking in English.

In fact, some business experts say the most intelligent thing you can do is read books.

Why reading books is the most intelligent thing you can do

But reading is especially important for English learners. You need to learn new words. Listening to and reading English texts is the only way you can get used to the language. In order to learn English, you must read a lot.

English reading skills are important but reading should be enjoyable. It’s exciting to learn something new.

So, how can you improve your English and make it enjoyable?

read English books

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As an English learner, it’s so important to your success that you read material that you find interesting. This way, you make reading in English a positive experience.

Below is a list of English business magazines, newsletters, books, and tools that help you improve your reading skills in English. Choose interesting articles and books, so you can look forward to reading while you learn something new and improve your English skills.

Practice Reading With Online Business Magazines

I recommend reading articles that are interesting to you.

What are you interested in? Maybe finance, e-commerce, or marketing?

For intermediate and advanced learners, real articles from real magazines are most motivating and interesting.

You can choose what you want to read and learn about. Then, you can look up any unknown words in a dictionary.

Online Business Magazines for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

business english reading

  • Bizfluent This website has simple texts for small business owners and startups. It is focused on traditional businesses and business fundamentals, such as accounting and starting a new business.
  • Inc. An online magazine for startup news and advice.
  • Entrepreneur Another magazine with interesting articles about current business topics.
  • FastCompany A magazine about technology and business news.
  • Hubspot One of my favorite blogs about marketing and sales.
  • Quicksprout A great resource with marketing articles.
  • Wired This magazine is a great resource for anyone interested in technology and its role in business.
  • Newsela This is a useful tool for English learners who want to read the news and improve different reading skills. The website has an interesting selection of news articles about business, economics, and careers. You can choose to practice different reading skills, for example finding the general idea of a text.

Subscribe to Business Newsletters

The advantage of newsletters is that they come to you automatically, every day or week.

You don’t have to look for articles. The information is there for you in your email inbox.

Newsletters usually have texts that are short enough to practice reading regularly So, you save time looking for and reading a long article or a book.

Here are two English business newsletters that I enjoy:

  • Morning Brew A daily newsletter focused on business news that is written in a funny way. It gives you an overview of what you need to know about the business world every day, including financial markets and news.
  • Innovation is Everywhere This weekly newsletter focuses on innovation in Asia. I am always fascinated by the emerging trends in the world. It’s interesting to see how innovations are changing areas, such as finance, housing, and transport.

Read Business Books in English

Here is a list of inspiring books I recommend:

Reading These 5 English Books Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

reading skills

I am currently reading these business books in English:

The Inevitable

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Deep Work

A reading app that I enjoy is Blinkist:


This app has a great selection of business books, classics, and the newest non-fiction books. The books are summarized, so you save time and read only the most important ideas.

I think it’s ideal for English learners because the content is short and very interesting. You can also look up new English words with the integrated dictionary.

Learning Tools to Improve Your Reading Skills

You can use these reading tools while reading some of the materials I recommended above. Use one of these tools to translate, save, and review new words:

  • LingQ This is one of my favorite language learning tools because it focuses on interesting materials to teach you English. You can learn English on any device by reading texts for your level. Translate and save new words. You can also practice the new vocabulary with this tool. LingQ has a library with good reading and audio content in English for any level. It also lets you import texts that you want to read. This tool measures your progress, so you are motivated to continue learning.
  • Readlang You can use this web reader on any device to translate any word you read on the Internet, and then make flashcards to practice these new words. If you are looking for reading materials, the website also has a library with English texts for your English level.
  • Digital Dictionaries When you read material on Blinkist, Kindle, online or on any e-reader, you can easily look up unknown words in English using the integrated dictionary or Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary.

English reading skills

How Will You Practice Reading in English?

Pick one of the resources and tell me why you are interested in it. Write your comment below!

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