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Reading These 5 English Books Will Make You a Better Global Entrepreneur

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Here in Europe, it’s summer right now, so it’s the perfect time to catch up on your reading. If you are an entrepreneur and a business person like me, I am sure you are always looking for ways to improve yourself. Reading English books for global entrepreneurs is a very inspiring way to improve your skills.

Personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than learning about foreign places, cultures, and languages. Reading is a great way to do just that!
So, I hope you’ll join me in discovering something new about this wonderful, diverse world of ours by reading some inspiring global business books.
Non-fiction books in English are a great way to improve your English skills, global leadership skills, and international business communication skills and knowledge.
english books global entrepreneurs
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Can reading make you a better business leader? 

Books are good for guidance and inspiration. In fact, it is known that many global business leaders read a lot of books.
Books can give you new ideas and open your eyes to new opportunities.  Beyond improving your English skills, reading non-fiction books can help you get ahead in business and in life.

Books Give You International Business Guidance

Books are a great way to learn more about other countries, cultures, languages, and how to do business with them. They also inspire you to expand your business and help you find new solutions to business problems.
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Read Books to Improve Your English Reading Skills

Last but definitely not least, reading skills are important for learners of English. You will learn new vocabulary and practice understanding advanced texts in English.
Here are some tips for reading non-fiction business books in English:
  • Summarize each chapter. You don’t need to understand every word to understand the main message.
  • You can look up the meaning of some important and repeated English words in the dictionary. If you are reading e-books, you can use the integrated dictionaries in many e-readers.
  • Read the text out loud to practice your pronunciation.

5 English Books for Global Entrepreneurs That Help You Get Ahead in Business

I recommend reading these inspiring books not only to improve your English skills as well as your international business skills.

1. The Culture Map

This book is one of the best books on cross-cultural management out there. It is entertaining and also full of useful knowledge about global business.
The author explains how to navigate through the complex world of international business that is ruled by differences in cultures.

Favorite quote: 

“Trust is like insurance—it’s an investment you need to make up front, before the need arises.”


2. The Global Code

Do you know what the “Global Tribe” is? This is a must-read for everyone who works in the global market. The book explains the cross-cultural code: the universal values and beliefs that are shaping global business.
It is fascinating to see how interconnected people are internationally and how this “tribe” influences our world in terms of trends and style.
I recommend you read this book if you want to learn more about our globalized world.
Favorite Quote:
“What the members of the tribe have in common is that they live in hubs, travel all the time, benchmark the world and in doing so, create the global code.”

3. Fluent Forever

If you are a global professional, you know that language learning is important for global business success.
This is the most useful guide book for language learning I have read so far. I know it can be overwhelming to learn a language. How do you integrate language learning into your life? What are the most effective methods?
The author presents many useful strategies that really work. For example, the importance of the spaced repetition systems (SRS) when it comes to memorizing vocabulary and using images instead of translations to learn new vocabulary.
Favorite quote:
“Translations strip the music out of words.”

4. The Smartest Places on Earth

This is a fascinating look at some of the world’s best entrepreneurial ecosystems that you have probably never heard of.
The book explains the concept and success of so-called “brainbelts”, former industrial sites that are now becoming creative hubs of innovation.
The authors give you interesting insights into the importance of startup ecosystems, knowledge sharing and a collaborative culture for innovation.
Read this book to get inspiration on where to go next, where to do business, and where to invest in the future.
Favorite quote:
“Innovation is a marathon rather than a sprint.”

5. Global Dexterity

This book explains what it means to be a global business professional. Dealing with different cultures is confusing and exhausting sometimes. Understanding foreign cultures is not enough; you need to act on the cultural differences change your behavior in order to be effective.
The question this book answers is: How can you adapt your behavior to foreign cultures without losing your own personality? The author provides interesting examples and case studies of real struggles global business people are facing.
Favorite quote:
“So take the leap; start to learn how to operate successfully in a world where cultural differences require changes in behavior.”

Over to You

I would love to know from you: What inspiring book are you reading? Can you recommend any inspiring books in English?
Let me know in the comments below!
Happy reading!
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