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Business English Vocabulary – image

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It’s a new week and I have a new English word for you that is useful in business.

Word of the week: image

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Do you need a new image for your business?

You might have heard the word ‘image’ at work or in a marketing context. Today, I will explain what ‘image’ means in business, how you can use it and how to pronounce it.

Case study: Crocs business image

Do you know the shoe brand Crocs?

crocs business English image

Read the text below about the image of Crocs. What is the company’s plan?

“When many people think of Crocs, the first person that comes to mind is chef Mario Batali, with his cozy, comfort-first style. We all have a stereotype in our minds of Crocs as footwear for cooks, nurses or people who just rolled out of bed. But now the company seems to be trying to shake that image in exchange for one of empowered authenticity.”

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What is the meaning of ‘image’ in business?

In the example of Crocs, the shoes are known as comfortable shoes for the home. Now, however, the company wants to create a new image. Here is the definition of ‘image’ in a business context.

Business English vocabulary - image


“The perception people have of your business when they hear your company name. A business’s image is composed of an infinite variety of facts, events, personal histories, advertising and goals that work together to make an impression on the public.“

Source: Entrepreneur Encyclopedia

image English vocabulary

In business, an image is the concept or perception of a firm, product or person. It includes all the feelings, beliefs, or ideas people have about your company or product.

Synonyms: idea, perception, stereotype

How do you pronounce the English word ‘image’?


The noun ‘image’ has two syllables. You stress the first syllable. Note that the two vowels have short sounds.

Click on the speaker icon on the flashcards below to listen to the correct pronunciation.

How to use the English word ‘image’ in business

The noun ‘image’ can be used when talking about a company, product, or person in a business context.

Here are some common collocations:

  • corporate image
  • personal image
  • professional image
  • public image
  • positive image
  • create a new image
  • change an image
  • improve an image

WOTW image

Study the new vocabulary

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Let’s practice

I would love to hear from you: Can you think of a company, product, or person that has a good image?

Give an example and tell us why you think their image is good. Comment below!

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