Selling in English: 10 Words You Shouldn’t Say to Your Customers (and What to Say Instead)

selling in English 3

“Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.” –Jeffrey Gitomer   Have you ever met someone who seems to be just a natural salesperson? Authentic, brave, always knowing what to say, approaching people naturally… These people exist. The truth is, most people don’t think of themselves as natural salespeople. Even as a businessperson, many of us don’t like the idea of selling to anyone, especially not selling in English. Talking to customers in English can be scary. Convincing them to buy can seem even more difficult. You are probably uncomfortable with the idea of talking to customers directly. I know, it…

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Global Business Greetings: How To Say “Hello” Around The World

Do you know how to say “hello” in Botswana? How do you greet someone in Iceland? You might be surprised how different global business greetings are. Learn how to say “hello” all over the world. How to say hello around the world There are many curious ways of saying “hello” around the world.   Of course, you are not expected to know every language in the world. It might be impossible.   But it is useful to know how to greet in the native language of your meeting partner. It shows respect and will be appreciated by your business partners from…

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